Triple Display Mobile Signal Booster with Dual Indoor Ports



  • Color: Silver
  • Ports: 2 Indoor Antenna Ports
  • Display: Triple display

Delivery in 7 working days upon advance payment


Get better phone signals with the TP-Link Mobile Signal Booster. It has 2 ports for indoor antennas and 3 silver displays that show signal strength.

TP-Link Mobile Signal Booster :

  • Booster Device
  • Barrell Outdoor Antenna
  • Coaxial Cable (30 Feets)
  • Indoor Dome Antenna

Special Features:

  • Two Antenna Ports: Connect two antennas inside for strong signals all around.
  • Three Silver Displays: Easy-to-see screens show how good your signal is.
  • Stronger Signals: No more bad calls or slow internet!
  • Works with All Phones: It’s suitable for everyone.
  • Easy Setup: Do what the instructions say.
  • Looks Cool: It’s silver and fits anywhere.

How to Use:

  1. Put the booster where you use your phone most.
  2. Connect the indoor antennas to the booster.
  3. Turn it on and see the signal strength on the silver screens.
  4. Now your phone works better..

Upgrade to TP-Link Mobile Signal Booster in Pakistan now and make strong signal strength.