Coaxial Cable with N Male Connectors



  • Length: 30 Feet (Can be extended)
  • Type: RJ6 / RJ7
  • Quality: Original / Imported

Advance Payment Only: Delivery Through TCS



Our Coaxial Cable is designed to keep your signal strong. It connects your outdoor antenna to the booster easily. It comes in different sizes and connectors, so it’s useful for many things.

Why Choose Our Cable:

  • Good Connection: It makes sure your signal stays strong.
  • Fits Many Boosters: Works with most boosters and antennas.
  • Useful for Many Things: Not just for boosters!
  • Different Sizes: Get the length you need.
  • Other Connectors: Choose the one that fits your setup.

How to Use:

  1. Pick the right size and connector.
  2. Connect one end to your outdoor antenna and the other to the booster.
  3. Enjoy a better signal on your phone!

Upgrade your setup with our Coaxial Cable and N Male Connectors today.