GSM LPDA Outdoor Antenna 11dBi



  • Color: White
  • Type: Directional
  • dBi: 11dBi

Advance Payment Only: Delivery Through TCS



Get stronger signals with the GSM LPDA Outdoor Antenna 11dBi. It works with mobile signal boosters and Wi-Fi devices, too.

Special Features:

  • Strong Signal: Makes your calls clearer and the internet faster.
  • Works with Boosters and Wi-Fi: Good for all your devices!
  • Boosts GSM Signals: Makes your phone work better.
  • 11dBi Gain: Gives you powerful signals for better connectivity.
  • Outdoor Use: Works great outside your home or office.
  • Easy Setup: Follow the instructions.

How to Use:

  1. Put the antenna outside where you need a better signal.
  2. Connect it to your mobile signal booster or Wi-Fi device.
  3. Follow the setup instructions.
  4. Enjoy better signals on your phone and Wi-Fi devices.

Upgrade to the GSM LPDA Outdoor Antenna 11dBi now for stronger signals everywhere.